Cues to Start Your Day

Many of my clients describe how they immediately jump into work once they arrive in their office. But, taking time for a bit of planning can create a more effective way to start the day. Brian Tracy in the Focal Point suggests that one minute of planning can even save up to ten minutes in execution.…

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Making Better Choices

Do you struggle making decisions? If you do, or even if you don't, I invite you to read the strategies that Chip and Dan Heath suggest in their new book, Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work. (They are also the authors of another great book, SWITCH, How to Change Things When…

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Is There a Whiteboard in Your Future?

 Do you think of whiteboards as something only fit for a cubicle? What if there were a whiteboard that looked fabulous? What are all the ways you could imagine using a fun whiteboard in your home, or office, or garage, or...? Think about the possibilities...beyond utilitarian notes to your family. What if there were a place to capture amazing creative ideas…

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Redefining Success

How do you define success? What if there were a third metric? In her recent commencement address to Smith College, Arianna Huffington challenged graduates to explore a new definition of success rather than buy into society's definition as money and power. She proposed that we need a third metic that includes a definition…

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TEDx Portland 2013 – What if?

What if? was the theme of TEDx Portland on Saturday, April 27 at the Portland Art Museum. With 1000 other people, I was fortunate enough to attend this sold-out event, the third TEDx in Portland. With 16 talks and 4 performances, the day exceeded all expectations! A few samplings from TEDx speakers... Jonathan Krisel - writer and…

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Facts or Stories?

What is the distinction between a fact and a story? What difference does it make? Tony Schwartz in The Way We're Working Isn't Working explains how it makes a huge difference. "A fact is something that can be objectively verified by any person." "A  story is something we create to make sense of the fact." When we create…

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