Who We Can Be


The severe shortage of Adderall, a medication used to help manage ADHD, has adversely impacted the lives of thousands of individuals diagnosed with ADHD, both adults and children. This shortage has lasted for many months and no resolution is currently in sight. The reasons for this shortage are…

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Witnesses to Moral Beauty

Last month’s post introduced the concept of Awe as defined by Dacher Keltner, professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, the founding director of the Greater Good Science Center, host of the podcast The Science of Happiness, and author of Awe: The New Science of…

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Seekers of Awe

Awe – moments when we have a sense of wonder, an experience of mystery, that transcends our understanding. These are common experiences in human life globally. They are measurably health-giving and immunity boosting. They bring us together with others, again and again. Those are the…

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Re-educated About Our History

“What kind of country do we want to be, and what are we willing to do to achieve it?” Those powerful questions are asked by Isabel Wilkerson in the cover story of TIME magazine’s February 13/February 20, 2023 issue. I invite you to read Wilkerson’s…

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Perspective – Who We Can Be

The perspective of Who We Can Be was powerfully illustrated by the words of Hakeem Jeffries, the new House Minority Leader, when he handed over the gavel from the Democrats to the Republicans early on the morning of January 7. (Almost exactly two years after the January 6,…

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Who Can We Be As We Look Forward to 2023?

2022, like 2021 and 2020, was not an easy year in so many ways! We faced continued challenges to our warming planet and to the immediate safety of our children as evidenced by events like the shooting in Uvalde, Texas. That event, among other mass…

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