by Kathie England

Is There a Whiteboard in Your Future?

  •  Do you think of whiteboards as something only fit for a cubicle?
  • What if there were a whiteboard that looked fabulous?
  • What are all the ways you could imagine using a fun whiteboard in your home, or office, or garage, or…?

Think about the possibilities…beyond utilitarian notes to your family.

  • What if there were a place to capture amazing creative ideas that randomly pop into your head or to announce the menu for a special meal?

Whiteboard Reinvented is a new company that’s been “thinking outside the whiteboard!” I invite you to take a look and imagine how much fun it could be to add one or more of their whiteboards to your life. When you explore their website, you’ll learn more about the story of this young company.

If you’re intrigued with that link to their website, then you might enjoy watching a brief video about this product on YouTube.

As an organizer coach I can imagine so many ways that a classy whiteboard could help individuals get organized and stay organized.

FULL DISCLAIMER: I don’t have any association with Whiteboard Reinvented. I recently received an invitation to an advance preview and was impressed with the many ways I could imagine people using these delightful whiteboards so I decided to share these links on my blog.

Take a look for yourself! I invite you to share how YOU might use a jazzy whiteboard.