by Kathie England

Cues to Start Your Day

Many of my clients describe how they immediately jump into work once they arrive in their office. But, taking time for a bit of planning can create a more effective way to start the day.

Brian Tracy in the Focal Point suggests that one minute of planning can even save up to ten minutes in execution. That’s a pretty impressive return on investment these days!

J. Russell Ramsay,  an expert in working with individuals diagnosed with ADHD at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, proposes a strategy that can help anyone begin to create a new habit or routine. Ramsay suggests creating a behavioral script to help yourself get started. This behavioral script describes each step you want to take.

When you open the attachment provided below, you’ll see a clever strategy one of my clients recently developed that combines both the strategies proposed by Tracy and Ramsay. She created five visual cues about the first steps she wants to take every morning before she starts work. She attached these visual cues to the front of her computer so she couldn’t miss them when she sits down to start work each morning.

Can you decipher her code?

Clever Cues to Manage Your Time