by Kathie England

Equal Right Amendment in Oregon

Did you know that women today still earn less than men for the same work (on average $.77 to the dollar a man earns)? That’s one important reason we need the ERA amendment in the constitution, and why Dress for Success Oregon is helping gather signatures to get the ERA amendment on the November ballot. Our goal is to gather 500+ signatures by May 20th.
If you would like to help, please join the team and spread the word. We have the signature forms at the Dress for Success store, or you can visit to download a signature sheet (follow the easy instructions provided). Please forward to your network, and let’s work together to make sure women and girls have full expressed equality by putting the words in our own Oregon Constitution, ensuring the rights we have gained do not roll backward. It’s the right thing to do…Study the past. Protect the future. For more information about the ERA Amendment visit the website