by Kathie England

ADHD Workshop Announcement

ADHD Workshop Announcement

Are you creative, spontaneous, and passionate, but also sometimes restless, distractible, or impulsive?

If you said “yes,” then I invite you to a new virtual workshop launching in 2014 for individuals diagnosed with ADHD or who think they may have this type of brain chemistry.

Why would you want to join?

The goal of this workshop is to help you explore how YOUR ADHD shows up so you can THRIVE rather than just survive. Our focus will be on developing your Awareness, Engagement, and Completion. Developing awareness helps you engage. Engagement leads to completion which is frequently a challenge with ADHD brain chemistry.

This virtual workshop takes place by phone for one hour twice a month for four months. Attendance is limited to 3-5 individuals so there are many opportunities for interaction and support from peers.

Learn more details by viewing the flier attached to this blog post.

Then email to reserve your spot.