by Kathie England

Journalists Are Not the Enemy

Thursday morning, August 16, the editorial pages of more than 350 newspapers around the United States were filled with arguments in support of a free and independent press in response to a call from The Boston Globe’s editorial board to confront President Trump’s recent attacks on the media.
Thursday afternoon, the U.S. Senate even passed a resolution from Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer expressing support for the media and stating that the press is “not the enemy of the people.”
Ann Curry eloquently addressed this same issue when she spoke at TEDx Portland on April 21. If you regularly read this blog, you may remember the May 20 post written after I had seen Ann Curry speak. Since then, I have been eager to share her full TED Talk when it became available.
Now, I invite you to watch Ann Curry at TEDx Portland:

Next, I invite you to take this small step:

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