by Kathie England


As I began reading Elizabeth Warren’s new book Persist, I realized that what she articulates is Who We Can Be. From that perspective, I share with you Warren’s words and invite you to imagine Who We Can Be.

“I am confident that most of those who got in the fight in 2020 will stay in the fight for years.”

“Now we have a once-in-a-generation chance to build something new, to shake off who we were and decide who we want to become.”

“This remarkable moment is an opportunity for change but not a guarantee that it will happen. It is a rare chance to think hard about the policies we want to change, especially the policies that touch our lives every day and set the boundaries for much of what happens to each of us.”

“The door to change is open. Now is the moment to act. Now is our chance to make the changes our nation so desperately needs.”

Who We Can Be

“But more than anything, the toughest fights will demand that we bring our whole selves. We must bring energy and determination. We must bring clarity of purpose and a richer understanding of our common goals. We must bring a deep-down commitment that will sustain us even when the fight looks impossibly hard.”

Let us embrace Warren’s optimism “that we are in a moment when extraordinary changes are possible.”