by Kathie England

Reflective, Grateful, and Persistent

July 1, 2022 marked the 20th anniversary of Time for Success! Twenty years in business is quite an accomplishment for a solopreneur!

I want to celebrate this milestone with a few moments of reflection, gratitude, and acknowledgment of my persistence!

I honored my 20th anniversary with the complete makeover of my website,  This new website reflects my work today as a coach who specializes in working with adults diagnosed with ADHD. (I am so thrilled to have worked with Kelly Quashnie of Studio Cue who designed every detail of my new look! I have even indulged in new business cards, though business cards maybe a relic of the pre-pandemic past.)

My journey has evolved from professional organizer to becoming a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) in 2008 through the Board of Certified Professional Organizers (BCPO). In 2006 I started my training as a coach and was in the first group to receive the newly established credential of Certified Organizer Coach (COC) after completing training through Coach Approach for Organizers. The Institute for Applied Coaching (IAC) is the credentialing entity for Coach Approach. I am so grateful for Denslow Brown’s vision and perseverance in creating both Coach Approach for Organizers and the IAC!

My journey continued by earning another new credential, Professional Certified Organizer Coach (PCOC) in 2014 from the IAC. Then in 2016 I was the first to earn the Certified ADHD Organizer Coach credential (CAOC), also through the IAC. I maintain my credentialing by recertifying every three years.

Two books, One Small Step Can Change Your Life and The Art of Possibility, have provided immeasurable knowledge and inspiration over the past 20 years. Learning that one of my values is autonomy has been instrumental in understanding why it has been so important for me to have my own business.

Portlandia Club, Inc., Dress for Success Oregon (DFSO), the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO), NAPO-Oregon, and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) are among the many organizations that have facilitated my growth. I owe lifelong friendships to so many wonderful individuals I have met through these organizations.

My autonomy has afforded me the opportunity to create a number of projects – My Project 65 (celebrated a milestone birthday by raising money for Women for Women International), My Project 70 (supported a run for Congress by my nephew Bryan Caforio), My 1000 Small Steps (whose goal was to prevent the outcome of the 2016 presidential election from happening again), and Who We Can Be (the name of my newsletter/blog to inspire us to face the many challenges we face in this country and on this planet).

Inspired by the need for community in 2020 when the lock-down from the pandemic sent us into isolation and the ability to connect via Zoom, I created a group initially based on a book titled The Practicing Mind. TPM has become the name of this group composed of five of my clients. May 5, 2022 marked the second anniversary of this group and last week we finished the book Just One Thing which has 52 practices. We explored one practice a week over the past year. We’ll start up again in September with Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown.

Inspired by a webinar I watched in December 2020 about the many (often hidden) challenges faced by women with ADHD, I started another group in 2021 called The First Thursday Group. This group meets once a month and is free to any female client I have currently or who has previously been a client. It also meets by Zoom.

This year I launched another group that meets once a month on Zoom. It’s called Making Time for Success. This group was inspired by an activity I had done with the First Thursday Group where participants brought a project or task that created a struggle to complete. Everyone who attended raved about how well they had worked on their project during the one hour we met. The attendees worked individually and simply the presence of the others on the Zoom call motivated them to do their own work. That is the format for each monthly meeting. It’s also free to any current or past clients.

Having the autonomy to create provides me with inspiration to persist with Time for Success! I am grateful for everyone who has been part of my journey – friends, colleagues, clients, and family! Thank you!