by Time for Success

What Clients Are Saying



“Kathie’s coaching has been the best thing I’ve done for my business and for myself in many years. I was an overachiever in college, and then spent the next 20 years tangled up with procrastination and perfectionism. I was in a constant state of ‘situational disorganization.’ Working with Kathie restored me to my more ‘authentic self’ – someone who sets and meets goals and accomplishes much. If I see any signs of backsliding, the first call I make will be to her! I think Kathie should be as proud as I am happy about our work together.”

Danielle Liu, Certified Professional Organizer®, Totally Orderly


“My mother hired Kathie for my Christmas gift – I’d asked for some organization in my life! It turned out to be one of my best gifts ever. Since I share my sewing space with my husband, we have a pretty cluttered area! To complicate matters further, I have adult ADD, so staying focused in such turmoil was nearly impossible.


Kathie helped me to figure out that I don’t have a ‘problem’ – I simply have a different way of operating. Once I got that, it was easier to get things cleared up. Most importantly, after getting my work areas organized in a manner that made sense to me, I was totally ready to put the reclaimed space to proper use.


I’ve done more sewing since her first visit two months ago than I’ve managed to accomplish in the last year or maybe two! I’m so revved to love what I do rather than eyeing it as a hassle. I can’t thank her enough. Many thanks.”

Katie Marker, Lady Jadys Designs


“I was being buried alive in an office full of 10 years of clutter!  But I was too embarrassed to show that to anyone who could help me.


It took me a year to develop the courage to schedule an appointment with Kathie.


Now my paperwork is filed, my equipment is organized so my workflow is efficient, and I know how to keep an appointment with myself to remain uncluttered.


I thank Kathie for being kind, discrete, and non-judgmental!”

— Jennifer Omner, ALL Publications


“The very thought of organizing has always given me a headache. Yet I look forward to working with Kathie. She brings such understanding and enthusiasm to the task. She energizes and encourages me, even when I have slipped back into some of my old bad habits. I never feel embarrassed. We both learn from those slips and find even better solutions.  And those are solutions that really have staying power.”

— Janis Collins, Cooking X2


“Thank you for your patience and support as I waded through 26 years of GARBAGE – thinking I was holding on to TREASURES. I appreciate your kind understanding and non-judgmental way of encouraging ‘letting go’ and finding PEACE in an organized space. What a JOY! My husband and I agree this is the BEST money I’ve ever spent.”

Donna Erdman, Homemaker, Grandmother, and Office Manager


“Kathie helped me reorganize the bookshelves in my office and create a system for incoming and outgoing mail. I was initially terrified of spending the money for naught. I thought it was going to be a grueling process.  I was amazed and overjoyed to discover the process was fun and the results are dramatic. Kathie’s enthusiasm and ability to transfer this skill to me is outstanding. This is the most valuable money I’ve spent in years.”

Barbara MacKay, North Star Facilitators


“Wow, was it ever helpful to meet with you last week. I’ve finished everything we talked about. I have so much more room now that the pre-file shelves are gone. I now feel like I have a system to not get overwhelmed with paperwork stuff and clutter. I’ve even had some dream time this week.”

Beth Welton-Miller, Vibrant Living



“I hired an organizer for my home and office too, and it’s been one of the best things I ever did for myself.”

Linda Roach, Fine Lines Communications