by Kathie England

Thoughtful, Committed Citizens

Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only that ever has.”

The success of Measure 114 on Oregon’s ballot this year truly exemplifies those words of Margaret Mead.

I want to share with you the thank-you email that volunteers who worked to pass Measure 114 received this week from the Chief Petitioners, the creators of this ballot measure – Rev. Dr. Mark Knutson, Rabbi Michael Cahana, and Marilyn Keller.

“On November 8th your actions to pass Measure 114 demonstrated to Oregon children that their lives are valuable, they are loved and we will protect them. Critics said it couldn’t be done, but YOU DID IT! To protect Oregon’s children and communities, 1700 of you collected 161,000 voter signatures to get Measure 114 on the November 8th ballot. Your hard work and dedication attracted more volunteers and 2200+ strong you continued on. You stepped up in every Oregon county. You reached out through phone banks, texts, social media, and neighborhood gatherings. You donated money. You put lawn signs up everywhere. You mailed 15,000 inspiring postcards to uncommitted voters. You did all this for the children, grandchildren, and neighbor kids you love and all of the children across Oregon you will never meet. You were (are), fearless.”

“You voted YES and encouraged your sphere of family, friends, and colleagues to vote Yes too. They responded. Oregon voted yes and everyone wins as we begin to implement common sense gun safety regulations in Oregon in January 2023. You did it! The 114 finish line is crossed!”

I am so thrilled to have been one of those volunteers!