by Time for Success


Benjamin Zander, co-author of The Art of Possibility, spoke on September 26, 2012 in San Francisco to help launch the new magazine, The Intelligent Optimist (formerly titled The Ode). The current issue includes an interview with him.

Zander suggests that optimism is about possibility. It’s like a circle with arrows that point out vs. pessimism which is a downward spiral.

He believes that optimism is a skill and it can be taught. He said he is very optimistic about the next 30 years – it’s about seeing the possibilities that we are capable of creating.

My favorite comment in his introduction was that EVERYONE needs a coach. His coach for the past 28 years has been Rosamund Stone Zander, his co-author of The Art of Possibility, who is currently working on their next book. 

What do you believe is possible – for you, for our country, for our planet?

If you’re feeling stuck about possibilities, you’ll want to read The Art of Possibility immediately.

Once the link from Zander’s presentation is available, I’ll post on this blog.