by Kathie England

One Small Step toward Changing the World

Thirty-three years ago on March 5 my nephew Bryan Caforio was born. Today he is seeking his first term in the U.S. House of Representatives from the 25th Congressional District in California.
Today, I am seeking your support to help elect Bryan through My Project 70, the project I designed to celebrate my milestone birthday this year. My goal is to ask 1000 people to donate just $7 or more before the California Primary on June 7. So far contributions total more than $2400.
If you want to improve the economy to support the middle class, protect social security, and develop clean energy, then you have a stake in electing Bryan in one of the most hotly contested Congressional races of 2016. The 25th Congressional District in California has a great chance of turning from red to blue with Bryan’s election!
In a March 1 op-ed piece in The New York Times, Gail Collins wrote: “When young liberals think about how they want to change the world, the last thing they think about is running for Congress.” She does not know Bryan Caforio. He is a young liberal who believes that running for Congress is one small step toward changing the world.
Go to to learn more about Bryan and make your donation directly.
You can also donate through My Project 70 by going to