by Time for Success

New Pathways – Experiences with Distraction: Part 1

By Gale Long, guest blogger

Theme – As part of my ongoing efforts to become more intentional, I decided I wanted to increase my awareness of how I get distracted. My “theory” in this context is that if I can become more aware of when and how I get distracted, I will increase my chances of inserting a conscious choice between the “stimulus” (distraction) and “response” (chase the distraction or return to task). Further, I believe if I can “name” distractions I will gain more leverage for managing them.

Desired Condition – I want to be able to recognize what distracts me and when. I want to be able to choose to follow distractions, dismiss them or make note of them for future consideration. I want to be able to stay on task at my discretion, not at the mercy of the distraction. I want to have a tool kit of distraction countermeasures I can select from when needed. I want to build and maintain a log of distractions to track improvement.

(Stay tuned for Part 2-4 that will be posted over the next week.)