by Kathie England

One Small Step for Democracy

This month I created a Vote by Mail project for Oregonians to help raise awareness about the ease of voting by mail in contrast to the experience of Wisconsin voters who risked their lives to vote in their April 7 primary.

First I posted an announcement on Facebook. Then I sent the following email to friends and acquaintances.

“As you drop off you ballot for Oregon’s Primary on May 19, please take a selfie of yourself to show the rest of our country how easy it is to Vote by Mail! Then post your selfie on Facebook or other digital platforms with the text: This what Vote by Mail looks like!

This idea evolved from conversations with friends in reaction to what happened in Wisconsin’s primary election in April. We’ve made it a project and hope you will join us in taking this small step for democracy!

We Oregon voters will mark our May 19 ballots from the comfort of our homes. Ours is one of only 5 states that currently have 100 % vote by mail. It’s convenient. It’s secure. It’s fair and Oregonians have voted this way since 1998.

Let’s spread the word! Snap a selfie of yourself filling out your ballot at home or dropping it in a ballot collection box.

Let’s post and share. Show the country how it should be done.

Click this link for a 2-minute video from the non-profit Vote At Home about the importance of voting from home:

Thanks for taking this important step!”

With the national election less than six months away, I invite you to share the video link above to encourage other states to make Vote by Mail a reality before November 3, perhaps the most important election day of our lives.