by Kathie England

Wishes for the New Year

On this first anniversary of My 1000 Small Steps, I share three wishes for the New Year.

“Have faith in yourself, your family and your friends.

And even have faith in things that we can’t see or touch – like love, which is going to light your life from the inside out, even when it’s cold and dark.

And here is something to truly believe in: that we can light each other’s lives. And that this source of magic that enraptures us at Christmas time is within us.”

This Christmas wish, composed by my friend and writer Janis Collins, was inspired by the words of Martha Brockenbrough in her book, Love, Santa.
The holiday greetings of Barack and Michelle Obama provide more inspiration for the year ahead:

“In this season of giving and togetherness, we remember that our collective progress is due to the efforts of those who came before us – people who kept pushing forward, doing their part to bend the arc of history towards prosperity, equality, and justice. Thanks for joining us on the journey ahead.”

My final wish for us in 2018 is that may we each find the courage to take small steps that will help bend the arc of history toward the values reflected on the “In Our America” signs created by the group, Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX last year.

“In our America,

All people are equal

Love wins

Black lives matter

Immigrants & refugees are welcome

Disabilities are respected

Women are in charge of their bodies

People & planet are valued over profit

Diversity is celebrated”