by Kathie England

Luminary Leadership

Written by Cassi Christiansen, MCC, BCC, PMC, Uluminations

By taking one small step, or 1000 small steps, you are being a leader.
If you wonder how this is possible, I invite you to continue reading.

“Leadership isn’t about where you show up on the org chart, but rather how you show up. Leadership isn’t a position, role or specific job; it is a way of being.”

These words by Cassi Christiansen from Uluminations provide the foundation for my August reflections on My 1000 Small Steps project. Cassi has been my coach since the summer of 2009.
After reading her June 1, 2017 blog, I asked Cassi’s permission to share her thoughts.

After the events in Charlottesville last weekend, Cassi’s thoughts are more relevant than ever.

Cassi describes how this way of being “allows you to live and lead from a place of internal power vs. power over others.”
This way of being “allows you to live and lead from a place of expansion and what’s possible vs. a place of limiting fear and smallness.”
This way of being “is about getting to choose who you want to be.”
It’s about choosing who you want to be based on “what matters most to you in our world.”
In our world today, “we can no longer afford to be silent. No longer afford to play small.”

I invite you to read the full text of Cassi’s blog at

May Cassi’s words inspire you take your next small steps!

And may the marvel of the solar eclipse on August 21 inspire you to eclipse hate in solidarity with Charlottesville!

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