by Kathie England

Mindset, Essentialism, and The Power of Habit

These are three of the most valuable books I’ve read over the past year! Mindset is by Carol Dweck, Essentialism by Greg McKeown, and The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

One perspective they all share is choice – we each have the opportunity to make choices.

Mindset invites us to develop a growth mindset. One characteristic of the growth mindset is recognizing that growth requires effort and growth opens the door to possibility. A fixed mindset sees only one way.

Essentialism explains that focusing on essentials is a choice. It is our choice. That choice is incredibly liberating!

The Power of Habit explains that our habits result from cues or triggers that lead to an action that becomes a routine because we get some type of reward from this routine. But the very nature of a habit is that it operates at an unconscious level. When the action has become a routine, it requires little mental effort because the mental work has shifted from our prefrontal cortex to our basal ganglia.

Why are these perspectives important?

Essentialism invites us to ask the question, What’s Important Now? That’s a WIN! Learning to ask this question requires effort and practice, the perspective of the growth mindset. Practice asking this question and choosing what’s important now can become a habit, a habit that can change you from someone who attempts to go in a million different directions and ultimately fails to someone who chooses what is essential and lives a life of meaning and purpose.

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