by Kathie England


Effective altruism (EA) is a movement William Macaskill helped start. The aim of this movement is to use evidence and reason to find the best ways to help others. In a future post I will talk more about the concept of EA. Today I want to focus on a fascinating statistic Macaskill shared when he was interviewed about EA by Sam Harris on the Waking Up podcast.

Macaskill stated that if you have an annual income of $66,000, you are in the top one percent of incomes in the world. Please read that number again – the top one percent. If you earn just $35,000 annually, you are in the top five percent of incomes in the world.

Keeping those statistics in mind, are you willing to embrace a generous mindset to help stop gun violence with proven effective methods? Donate

I shared the two statistics above to help you develop perspective and create a generous mindset to help end gun violence. I urge you to donate to Ballot Measure 114 on the Oregon State ballot this November.

This measure has five important strategies that have proven effective to reduce gun violence:

  • Licensing – requires a permit to purchase a firearm
  • Eliminates the Charleston Loophole – buyers must complete a background check
  • Requires a classroom and hands-on firearm training course for buyers
  • Limits magazine capacity to ten rounds of ammunition
  • No sale, transfer, trade, or manufacturing of high-capacity magazines for civilian use

In my June 20 post Victim…or Agent-of-Change? I wrote about the efforts of Lift Every Voice Oregon, to quality Initiative Petition 17 (titled Reduction of Gun Violence Act) for Oregon’s November ballot. The number of signatures gathered exceeded all expectations.

Passage of Ballot Measure 114 could open the door for more states to follow Oregon’s lead.