by Kathie England


One of the best investments I ever made in my professional development was to begin and then continue my coaching training through CoachApproach. My first class with Denslow Brown and Cameron Gott was in the fall of 2006. The coaching skills I’ve learned and integrated into my work as a professional organizer and coach include how to really listen and ask powerful questions. Those two skills are just a snippet of the value of this training. I have continued my training and was in the first group in 2009 to gain the credential of Certified Organizer Coach®.

I just recently finished a new CoachApproach course titled Core Competency Intensive: Effective Communication. In this course we focused on Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, and Direct Communication. With only five individuals in the class, we had so many opportunities to listen, ask questions, and communicate directly. I realized that one area of focus for me is to ask more succinct questions. My goal is to develop that skill until it becomes a habit.

Later this year I will launch a new virtual workshop titled, It’s Habit-Forming, A Virtual Workshop Based on the Book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. Stay tuned for details.