by Kathie England

Better Than Before – Day 17

Pillars of habits: Scheduling

Yesterday I shared Gretchen Rubin’s proposal for “Choice Time.” Actually her second-grade daughter was the inspiration for this scheduling strategy about scheduling a time when she could do anything she wanted.

Today’s idea is “Quitting Time.” Quitting time can be a challenge for individuals who are self-employed and work out of a home office. But, it’s also a challenge for anyone who wants to do “just one more thing,” whether at home or at work.

I appreciate the clarity that Rubin created for herself around “Quitting Time.” She set boundaries for the activities¬†she would not do after “Quitting Time”¬†and these included: not checking email, not reading or writing anything on social media, and not doing original writing (since that is her chosen profession). She explains that every day is different in terms of the time she quits, but when she quits, she respects that boundary.

What’s your “Quitting Time?” What are the things you won’t do after your “Quitting Time?”

Tomorrow I’ll share the scheduling strategy she refers to as the “Power Hour.”