by Kathie England

Better Than Before – Day 15

More about the important pillar of habits – Scheduling

Gretchen Rubin explains that for most people their energy decreases over the course of the day. That means important habits are more effective when scheduled in the morning.

Self-control also wanes as the day wears on. Rubin cites examples of sexual indiscretions, excessive gambling, overconsumption of alcohol, and impulsive crimes as more likely to occur at night for that very reason.

Another of Rubin’s recommendations is based on awareness developed by one of her clients. He found that doing something pleasurable in the morning rather than doing something work-related really helped him make progress with creating habits. He even felt this shift to picking something pleasurable was transformative!

One of my favorite lines by Rubin is that the “habit of the habit is more important than the habit itself.” The goal in my experiment of blogging for 30 days in a row is exactly that reason – creating the habit of the blogging habit.

Rubin also invites us to be gentle with ourselves when creating new habits. Though consistency and repetition are hugely important in habit creation, it’s OK not to seek perfection. Early in my work as a professional organizer I heard one of the most valuable perspectives that I share regularly with clients. Good and done is better than perfect and none!”

Where can you apply that perspective to yourself?