by Kathie England

Better Than Before – Day 13

Scheduling – What are some of the benefits in building habits?

Rubin stresses the following benefits that scheduling provides in building habits:

  • Habits grow strongest and fastest when they are repeated in predictable ways.
  • Scheduling forces us to confront the natural limits of the day.
  • Scheduling requires choices.
  • Scheduling one activity makes that time unavailable for anything else. (This strategy gives great practice in saying “no” – often the hardest habit of all to develop!)
  • Scheduling makes activities automatic and that helps build habits.

I invite you to reflect on which of the four tendencies best describes you: Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel? How do you respond as you read Rubin’s guidelines?

Developing self-awareness is a key to developing habits.

Tomorrow I’ll continue sharing more perspectives on how scheduling helps build habits.