by Kathie England

Announcement – Professional Certified Organizer Coach

On May 16, 2014 I was awarded the designation of Professional Certified Organizer Coach® (PCOC) by the Institute for Applied Coaching.

I am one of the first coaches to receive this designation.

The certificate I received states:

“This designation was earned by demonstrating the knowledge and proficient use of core coaching skills both in a stand-alone competence and in their integrated use within the organizing process. This professional submitted a complete and detailed application reflecting comprehensive coaching training and mentoring, significant client coaching experience, as well as substantial organizing client experience and commitment excellence as a professional organizer. Her coaching skills were evaluation by ICF-credentialed assessors.”

My certificate was signed by Denslow Brown, Director, Institute for Applied Coaching®.

A full description of this new certification will soon be added to the Coach Approach website.