by Kathie England

A Celebration

2012 Marks the 10th Anniversary of Time for Success!

To celebrate this important milestone, I focused on three projects:

  • Redesigning my website
  • Creating a new business card
  • Shifting my focus to individual and group coaching (though I’ll still do hands-on organizing with clients who want help creating new habits)


“Everyone needs a coach!”


Those were the inspiring words of Benjamin Zander, co-author of The Art of Possibility, as he celebrated the launch of The Intelligent Optimist, an independent international magazine and community that believes in progress, ongoing opportunities, and the creativity of humankind.

Just as a cocoon unfolds to become a butterfly, I feel with my transition to coaching I’m ready to fly. I’m ready to live my purpose as your catalyst! I believe together our possibilities are infinite!

I invite you to celebrate with with me!

“Every journey begins with a single step.”

What’s holding you back?

I invite you to explore my new website!