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The Evolution of Compassion

Watching Rick Hanson's interview on October 29 with Dr. Dacher Keltner, professor at the University of California, Berkeley, inspired me to share their thoughts about the evolution of compassion in humans, especially in light of the challenges faced by those touched by Hurricane Sandy last night. Keltner describes how we are a "radically social species." Our…

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The Compassionate Brain: Cultivating a Forgiving Heart

What does it take to develop a forgiving heart? That is the question explored by Tara Brach, Ph.D., in the third part of The Compassionate Brain Series mentioned in an earlier blog post. Dr. Brach proposes that the first step in developing a forgiving heart is to develop compassion for ourselves and to forgive ourselves…

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The Compassionate Brain – Small Steps

The Compassionate Brain is a FREE series of seven interviews conducted by Rick Hanson, Ph.D. who is the author of Buddha's Brain.   The interviews are conducted with leading researchers in the field of neuroscience. The first interview is with Richie Davidson, Ph.D. who is the author of The Emotional Life of…

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A Celebration

2012 Marks the 10th Anniversary of Time for Success! To celebrate this important milestone, I focused on three projects: Redesigning my website Creating a new business card Shifting my focus to individual and group coaching (though I'll still do hands-on…

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Three Ways to Think Deeply at Work – David Rock

David Rock, an executive coach and one of my favorite writers, recently discussed how to think deeply at work in the Harvard Business Review Blog Network. (Rock is also the founder of the Neuroleadership Summit.) “Understanding the Stage” is one of the strategies Rock discusses in the blog. I first discovered this idea in his book Your…

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Small Steps

Small Steps to Profound Change A virtual workshop based on the book One Small Step Can Change Your Life by Robert Maurer, Ph.D. Why would you want to participate in this virtual workshop? You have an issue in your life where you feel stuck… You are facing a problem…

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